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De España: A Quick Look at a Spokane Tapas Spot

Eat Good Group's newest restaurant does Spanish food proud.

At its heart, the tapa should be enjoyed without much analysis. Fresh ingredients, clean flavors, and pure simplicity make up the Spanish comfort food’s soul. Add many more complexities, and you have betrayed what makes the dish great.

De España’s1 take on tapas is in line with the modern Basque variety—an evolution of the classic. The bacon-wrapped, almond-stuffed date in peppered honey is a fitting example. You have contrasts in the sweet and savory palate and the chewy and crunchy bite. It’s a balance that carries intense flavors, the base of any good Spanish comfort food.

Bacon wrapped dates

Traditional dishes are also on the menu, represented by standbys like salted cod with creamy garlic sauce—bacalao. Cod fritters aren’t fancy, but that fishiest of fish is packed with flavor. Tenderly slow-cooked, with just a slight kick of salt: De España does the classic proud.

Throughout, the shareables can be mixed and matched to your liking, which is the trait of any good tapas spot. And for those who want larger dishes, there are stalwarts like the paella. The meat and cheese board is also a good choice, and the chorizo is a particular favorite.

The service was friendly and fast during our visit—impressive when restaurant staffing is at an all-time low.

I have zero qualms recommending De España. They do tapas right: fresh ingredients and great flavors that never try to overshadow the pure simplicity of the dish.

De España is located at 909 W 1st Ave in Spokane, WA. Their website is espanaspokane.com.

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  1. Eat Food Group stylizes it as de España, but The Awesomeness Style Guide dictates a capitalized D.