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Movies Watched: January 2022 Edition

Some good, some bad, some just weird.

Culled from my Letterboxd diary, here are the movies I watched in January 2022. If there is a theme this month, it might be “comfort watches,” as there are seven re-watches on the list.

Being The Ricardos (Historical drama)
Aaron Sorkin’s script is all over the place, but the performances—Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball in particular—make for an entertaining watch. Stream on Prime.

Fateful Findings (Indefinable)
Twisted Pair
I can’t help but admire writer/director/star/caterer1 Neil Breen. His movies are as baffling as they are earnest—they’re neither ironic nor do they wink at the camera. Look no further than his sincere performances as twin brothers in Fateful Findings, to sum up his moviemaking in one single frame:

Neil Breen as twins
“Regular” Breen layered between still images of “bearded” Breen and a brick wall. This scene is in the movie.

Both Fateful Findings and Twisted Pair are available on iTunes.

Last Night in Soho (Thriller)
Edgar Wright’s homage to 1970s European cinema—Don’t Look Now and Suspiria in particular—has polarized many of his fans: A letdown for those expecting something closer to Shaun of the Dead, yet lauded by those interested in semi-surreal murder mysteries. Love it or hate it, it is at least the most visually captivating movie of 2022. Available on iTunes.

Lake of the Dead (Horror)
A 1958 Norwegian horror film—originally titled De Dødes Tjern—won’t meet today’s technical standards, but there are still some creative techniques at play here. The movie is eerie, with a dreamlike atmosphere covering up many of the technical blemishes. Stream on Shudder, and make sure you don’t accidentally watch the remake.

The Big Wedding (Comedy)
Stream on Netflix
. (But don’t.)

The Dark and the Wicked (Horror)
It’s not exactly a laugh-riot, but this demonic possession film is genuinely terrifying at times. Stream on Shudder.

Dementia Part II (Dark comedy)
There is no Dementia Part I nor any signs of dementia, which should help explain this darkly funny—and demented—movie. Suzanne Voss’s portrayal of an aging lady with eccentric secrets has deservingly earned her a Fangoria Chainsaw Award nomination. Available on iTunes.

Followed (Horror)
This “found-footage” film is creepy, well-plotted, and features a gallery of likable characters—an oddity for the genre. I wouldn’t call it a must-watch but would recommend it for anyone who likes lighter scares. Stream on Tubi.

The Stylist (Thriller)
Gruesome as its premise is—a hair-dresser who scalps her clients—The Stylist is less a horror movie than a story of loneliness and obsession. Najarra Townsend (who also co-stars in Dementia Part II) puts in a grounded, empathetic performance as the titular character, with good support from co-star Brea Grant. Stream on Arrow.

Happy Death Day (Slasher-comedy)
Happy Death Day 2U (Sci-fi-comedy)
Much as they were promoted as horror movies, the Happy Death Day franchise has more in common with Groundhog Day and Back to the Future Part II. Jessica Rothe has a great comedic presence as a college student stuck in a murderous time loop. Available on iTunes.

Voyage of The Rock Aliens (Musical)
When this 1984 comedy did poorly with test audiences, they decided to dump in musical numbers at random intervals. As a result, the story makes little sense, but the cavalcade of catchy new-wave vignettes more than makes up for it. Stream on Tubi.

  1. Breen has a DIY attitude and takes on most of the work in his movies. And, yes, that includes being the caterer.