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Something To Read, Taste, and Watch

Sure, you could be bored this weekend. Or, you could enjoy these three preplanned activities.
Your Weekend Planned For You

📕 My Saga: In 2015, the New York Times asked Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgård to write a travel log in the footsteps of the first Europeans in North America. What was supposed to be a short feature soon turned into an epic two-parter, five times longer than intended.

The article—almost a novella—is prolific, and, to some, amusing. Not everyone agrees with the latter, and certain passages caused ire in some circles:

And my only observation thus far was that people here were fatter than back home. What was that if not the cliché about America?

Mostly North American circles, as it were, severe enough for Slate to name Knausgård “the world’s worst travel writer.”

Fair as the travel assessment may or may not be, it doesn’t take away from Knausgård being a good writer. His travel log might not be sympathetic, but it is fascinating and well worth the read. Check it out over at the Times.

Knausgaard smoking a cigarette

Caffe Vita Theo Blend: While I tend to skip dark-roasted coffees, there are exceptions to the rule. Vita’s team-up with chocolatier Theo, for example, a blend devoid of subtleties in the best possible way. It is as close as coffee comes to tasting like hot chocolate.

Venn diagram showing Theo Blend taking up much of the hot chocolate and coffee circles.
Science: As shown in this Venn diagram, the overlap between coffee and hot chocolate is impressive.

The Theo Blend is well-suited for that extra punch the French press gives. Read our guide to the method, and purchase a bag of coffee from Vita’s website.

📺 You (Season Four): Speaking of not subtle: The second-to-last-season of You is as deliciously over the top as TV can be.

We once again follow Joe, the forlorn stalker/serial killer looking for love. This time, he finds himself on the other side of the chase, blackmailed into taking down a group of one-percenters, one by one. Of course, the bleeding-heart nice guy he is, Joe can’t help but fall for one of the ladies. The stalker is stalked while stalking, in other words.

You is, at its heart, a prime example of a Lifetime-produced show, but never mind: It is well executed with high production values, and Penn Badgley once again puts in a phenomenal performance as Joe. Check out the spectacle on Netflix.