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Topo Chico Cup

It’s almost literally as refreshing as any drink you’ve tried before.

I usually don’t extol the virtues of any beverage, but I will make an exception for Topo Chico. The Mexican mineral water has garnered a cult following over the last decade and finally expanded its distribution outside Mexico and Texas after being acquired by Coca-Cola.

Sparkling water generally doesn’t have many facets, but Topo Chico checks all the right boxes. It’s effervescent, more so than most of its ilk, with an intense mouthfeel. Too, there’s just a tinge of saltiness to the palate, a natural feature of water sourced from mineral springs. That organic touch makes the drink more refreshing than most.

Maybe it’s psychosomatic, but I swear the glass bottles keep the water colder than plastic bottles or cans. If nothing else, it has been anecdotally proven that Topo Chico keeps its effervescence longer than most sparkling waters, likely due to its intense out-of-the-bottle bubbliness.

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The Topo Chico Cup

With its effervescence and pronounced flavors, Topo Chico has turned into a favorite amongst bartenders. Particularly gin-based drinks use the water liberally.

There is no reason to limit Topo Chico to booze, though, and this non-alcoholic recipe is similar to a Pimm’s Cup but more refreshing and flavorful. The mixer, Pathfinder, is an incredibly intense hemp-based liquid—I honestly don’t know if there are any good substitutes for it, but you can find it in many grocery stores.

The recipe couldn’t be much simpler: In a Collins glass, mix 2 oz of Pathfinder with about half a bottle of lime-flavored Topo Chico over ice. Give it a good stir, and that’s it—an instant refreshing summer drink.